K|N Consultants is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides strategic and operational guidance via a range of consultation services to academic institutions and organizations, academic, national and public libraries, learned and scholarly societies, scholarly publishers and university presses, government agencies, private foundations, and other mission-driven organizations struggling to adjust to the rapid change in higher education.

Our consultation services are focused on improvements to and efficiencies in all stages of the research and teaching life cycle within higher education — facilitating strategic planning and identifying campus-wide solutions to researchers’ and educators’ needs, promoting collective infrastructure development, and encouraging and enabling partnerships within and across organizations. By offering innovative and collaborative solutions to the increasingly complex challenges facing academic institutions and organizations around the world, our goal is to create a more just, equitable, synergistic, and sustainable scholarly system that allows our partners to fulfill their own core missions of advancing knowledge and learning locally, nationally, and globally. We provide the strategy, evaluation, and research needed to help stakeholders from across the scholarly research and communication spectrum address their mutual problems through effective collective action.