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K|N Consultants partners with academic institutions and organizations; academic, national, and public libraries; learned and scholarly societies; scholarly publishers and university presses; government agencies; private foundations; and other mission-driven organizations to foster broad knowledge infrastructure transformation through innovative, collaborative solutions that result in more efficient and nimble systems of knowledge creation and dissemination and in expanded and more sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

Specializing in open access strategies, change management and leadership, and continuing education and curriculum development, K|N focuses on some of higher education’s most pressing issues.


Back to the Future: (Re)turning from Peer Review to Peer Engagement

by Rebecca Kennison KEY POINTS Scholarly communication — with the exception of traditional (e.g., blind and double-blind) peer review — prizes the open exchange of ideas. The aim of peer review should be engagement, not judgment. Reviews that improve the quality of a work and thus advance the field are not merely service to the…

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Join the Open Access Network!

WHAT IS THE OPEN ACCESS NETWORK? The Open Access Network (OAN) looks to tackle head-on the challenge of implementing open-access (OA) business models in all academic disciplines, beginning with the humanities and social sciences. The OAN provides a broad and transformative solution for sustainable OA publishing and archiving that is complementary, not competitive, with other…

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Smart, experienced, innovative, highly collaborative, and well-connected strategic and operational thinkers, we provide consultation services for a range of clients in academic institutions struggling to adjust to the changing landscape.



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